Saturday, May 15, 2010

Employee motivation!!

Many a times the organization is so busy in putting the messages "out there" that it tends to forget its employees... They assume that their employees will know everything about them.. but this does not happen all the time. Its always nice to know something from the people in the house rather that outsiders.. isn't it?
The leader of an organization can be a persuasive spokesperson. Second only to the organization's president and CEO, in terms of credibility, are the company's employees as they affect their immediate audiences!!
As an intern i can say that all of us like being part of the team that recognizes its contributions of members who provide something of value.
So one important thing that internal PR has to take into consideration is that of motivating the employee... tell them all that is required, update them with the companies progress or decisions, work environment to be improved, other facilities etc.... Thus making the employees feel at home!!
For all this the internal PR manager has the responsibility of seeing that the internal PR is being done effectively!!
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The role of public relations

"The role of public relations is said as a “value creator”, the systems theory had stated the structure and operation of an organization, and how it interacts with its environment, breaking the organization itself into subsystems impacting on each other and the organizations environment." (Gregory, A (2006a). ‘Public Relations and management’ in ‘The Public Relations Handbook’. A. Theaker (Ed.) Oxon. Routledge).
In systems theory, PR is given much importance as compared to that of marketing, which is that of boundary spanning i.e. they care for the interest of the organization internally and externally.
PR helps in guiding the management of the organization at times. Boundary spanners have one foot inside the organization and one foot outside, and they have the courage to challenge the management. PR facilitates communication between the internal subsystems and external audiences. Due to all this the PR department involves a higher status in the organizations. The systems theory also distinguishes between open and closed systems. Closed systems are resistant to change and open systems easily respond to changes. Thus problems and issues that arise within the organization should be tackled properly, and the use of PR should be made in the organization effectively. So when internal PR is considered important, it will be used effectively and will be profitable to the organization... don't you think so (you can give your views).
But few things that i would like to know are .... do companies in India make use of PR effectively? Does Internal PR play a vital role in an organization? Does PR come under HR? How do they do their internal PR?
I am trying to find some of the answers from the place where i am working right now.. also you all can share your experiences with me!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Great places to work!!

Earlier in my posts i was talking about the organization becoming an employer of choice. So i would like to share about this Great Place to Work® institute which conducts survey and gives out best places to work in India and also from abroad.
“A great place to work institute is a research and management consultancy based in US and in other different parts of the world. The great place to work institute of India is committed in their efforts to help organizations across all sectors achieve lasting improvements in their workplace relationships.”
It has been conducting researches since 1980. Their ongoing research and tools have made them leaders in helping build high trust workplaces. Their employee –centered model has also been recognized from past 20 years. In their survey there are Indian as well as international companies. The listing is done sector wise and also an overall ranking of the great places to work.
They state the following definition of a great place to work : “A great place to work is a place where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do and enjoy the people they work with.” “It is measured by the three, relationships:
• The relationship between employees and management.
• The relationship between employees and their jobs.
• The relationship between employees and other employees.”
(All the information has been taken from the website:

If you go through this website you might see that some of the biggest companies in India are not amongst the first 25 listings and some companies whose names are not heard that often are amongst the top listings of best places to work!!
So what actually made them become as best places to work when such big companies couldn't come in!! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Employer of choice!!

Internal public relations is a special PR discipline which concentrates on enhancing companies relationships with the employees by facilitating good communication among the management and the employees, boosting their morale and giving them the right information at the right time.( Water quality products March 2003 volume:8 number:3) Thus if effective use of this internal PR is made then it will help the organization in building good relationships with the employees.

I was also wondering, what is this employer of choice (Henceforth EOC)? and why is this important?

While reading i came across this definition of Employer of choice in the book How to become an employer of choice (Herman & Gioia 2000). They defined EOC as "Any employer of any size in the public, private or not-for-profit sector, that attracts, optimizes and holds top talent for long tenure...because employees choose to be there."

Organizations will be proud to become the employer of choice as they themselves will feel that they look at their employees first and the employees look upon to work with them. Then if the employees make their organization as an employer of choice then shouldn't the organizations concentrate more on the employees? and then shouldn't they also try to make their internal communication strong? If yes, then the organizations will have to use internal PR effectively.....what do you all think of it?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Within the organization!!

Internal communication is said to play a vital role for the employees and organization as it produces better results.(Smith Lynn & Pamela Mounter, Effective internal communication). If used effectively at all levels within the organization, it can lead to an organizations success. A research also states that an effective internal public relations(PR) strategy within the organization can make employees act as marketers to the outside world where they spread the companies name among their social circle like friends, family, relatives, shareholders etc..( So organizations should use internal PR effectively so that it can help make the employees become brand ambassadors, and build their brand in the market.
Scot, Cutlip and Broom had defined PR as a management function that establishes mutually beneficial relationships between its organization and its publics on whom its success and failure depends. So if Public of the organization is so important that the success and failure depends on them, then internal PR has to be used effectively.
If internally everything is executed well among the employees then they will also find it as a great place to work!!
DO you think so??